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Self managed superfunds are potentially highly lucrative and if you have the money to invest in stocks and shares on a large scale then you can potentially bring in huge dividends. You also get the bonus with self managed super funds of being able to manage the investments yourself so that you can pick and choose the stocks and shares that you believe in. Here the buck stops with you and there are no factors to blame on a poor investment other than your own gut feeling and intuition. You get to keep 100% of the profits because you aren’t going through a third party, and you can get joy out of being smart with your investments and predicting the future in a way that you can profit off of. It also means that you can invest in things that you are interested in, and means that you can choose who you want to support and where you want your money to go. It’s rewarding, fun and potentially highly profitable.

However at the same time this increased chance of success of course brings with it an increased risk and there is also the danger that you will lose a lot of money. If you’re managing the funds yourself then this takes a certain amount of legal and financial knowledge, as well as the ability to accurately predict the movements of stocks and the best investment opportunities.

That’s where share trading software and trading systems come in. Market software essentially exists in order to help you to predict the stock market in a mathematical and largely reliable manner so that you can anticipate where stocks and shares are heading and which are the best investments. At the same time it facilitates your trading by making the process much simpler and easier, and by helping you to easily buy and sell.

Share trading software has behind it a lot of complex mathematics – using quantitative analysis and other analytical techniques to advise you on your investments. This way even a novice can spot a good investment opportunity and it means that you can be far more confident in your purchases. At the same time it will also make the process much easier and simpler – trading systems provide such things as the ability to watch certain stocks and be notified about certain events. This then shortens the amount of time it takes to look at and buy the stocks and shares you are interested in essentially reducing your working ours while increasing your profits – time is money as they say.

In short then market software and share trading software make self managed super funds a possibility for many people who would otherwise find the prospect of investing such large amounts of their own capital daunting. At the same time it helps to increase the profits of many people and reduce the element of risk associated. You can then use your intuition and your research on top of the maths to make predictions where the odds are weighted heavily in your favor.

There are many different ways to manage your super, but one is with share market software. This is one example of a stock market software program that could be used.

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