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We break down our top 7 tips for teaching English well. They’re our picks for some of the most important things to focus on when Teaching English As A Foreign Language (TEFL.) Because of the importance of a successful demo class to land a job in many countries in Asia, you’ll want to make sure to apply these tips to nail your demo class and land a great teaching job. Of course we recommend a quality in class TEFL course to learn these things in person but we hope these tips will help too.

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  • delfin7461

    Kyle, I really like your rule of "be nice" and all the things that includes. Some of my students now really don't know how to be nice.

  • Jürgen Brand

    Marvelous video! And correct, listening is more than talking, more important and more difficult. Story-tellers we have enough on th planet. Greetings from Jürgen Brand

  • Liliana Olivarae

    In Vietnam, shared housing costs one about $300 a month; daily eating out costs about $250 a month; gasoline (for a scooter) is about $10 a month; utility bills cost about $40 a month. As a result, a total cost for monthly basic needs for one person is about $600. If an English teacher in Vietnam, earns about $2000 a month (an average of $20 an hour and 25 hours a week). He/she still have about $1400 left every month after all basic needs expenses. What does he/she do with $1400 every month in Vietnam where the cost of living is very low – going to parties or travelling or saving!

  • Cosmic Pulse

    Yes, teachers shouldn't do too much talking. I am reminded by the 70-30 rule that I learned in my TEFL course. You want the students talking in English 70% of the time and the instructor roughly 30%.

  • Dave Redelinghuys

    HI Alex , would you suggest teaching abroad for friends/couples that are wanting to travel together. I'm assuming the best option would be to find positions once we are in the country. And did you do your TEFL in Cape Town? I would love to support a fellow South Africans business if we could carry this conversation further over email. My Girlfriend and I are weighing out options on traveling and working and teaching English in Vietnam is sounding the most promising.

  • Benny

    Hey Alex,

    What is it like for older guys like myself? I'm 45 years old. I have a degree in special education. I've taught in South Korea for 2 years. Lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 6 months.

    I was thinking about going back to SE Asia to teach, and maybe even to live for a very long time. The thing is I'm not your typical 20 something who wants to backpack thru SE Asia. I know in Korea it can be very difficult to find work if you're over 40. Supposedly, it's the same in Thailand. Many schools like really young people.

    I've also been doing research on special education in Vietnam and I can't find much info. I was thinking that it could be a great opportunity for me.

    Have you seen older foreign teachers in your area? Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Jason B. Nguyen

    I guess your gym is fit24 in Ho Xuan Huong arena? If it is, VBA basketball season is coming in case you're interested in basketball, and it's a home of HCMC Wings. I highly recommend

  • Patrick Hart

    Hey there Alex,

    After a long conversation about travel over drinks with a buddy that now calls China his second home, he mentioned TEFL certification, which led me to your channel.

    Being a writer of both song and prose, teaching english seems right up my alley, and I find myself immensely interested in the 'Ninja Teacher' program.

    I just have one question, I'm certain I know the answer, but just to confirm so I can map out how long it will take to save the money; airfare isn't included in the price of the 'Ninja Teacher' program, correct?

    Anyway, love your videos so far, hoping to make the leap to making a living abroad sooner than later.


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