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You need to remember that Latin America does not offer high revenue for teachers doing TEFL. The real fun is in Southeast Asia like Thailand, China, and Vietnam.

Watch this video and learn about how I got started. It’s an inspiring video that help guide and you put you on the right path.

You don’t have to feel trapped living in the USA. You can become a TEFL teacher in person at a school or online.

That’s the future and that’s where freedom rests.


  • Ben Hartley

    Hi Camden, I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for posting! I was wondering if you've noticed any difference in job opportunities for people who have taken an online TEFL course versus an in person one. I've heard on other channels (from someone selling an person course) that online courses aren't good enough to get a job. Is there any validity in that statement? Thanks!

  • Abhishek Singh

    Hi Camden, this is Abhishek from India, can you suggest me as an indian, the possibilites of cracking a TEFL job? Can you suggest a TEFL course for guys like me? looking forward to hear from you

  • Paul Asadov

    Hey Camden, It's amazing seeing people turn their life into such an adventure. I admire your courage. It was fun watching your video. Best of luck, brother!

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