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In SSC(CGL) TIER-I English has a weightage of 50 marks with 25 question i.e., 2 marks for each and 0.5 deducts for each wrong answer. Topics covered under this section are:
Reading Comprehension- 5 questions from 1 passage
Fill in the blank – 0 to 5 questions
Spelling- 0 to 2 questions
Phrase or Idiom Meaning- 0 to 2 questions
Synonyms and Antonyms- 0 to 2 questions
One word substitution- 3 to 5 questions
Phrase replacement and sentence correction- 5 questions
Error spotting – 3 to 5 questions

This lecture will provide you detailed syllabus, weightage of the various topic, priority order, number of questions from each type and types of question. You will get the best way to prepare for the exam and how to prepare for each topic.

Dipti Nair is a fantastic teacher with a very strong hold over the concepts. Her teaching skills are excellent and She very well understands where a student lacks and what he needs. She has been teaching English for the last 5 years in the institutes of Mukherji Nagar. She is an expert faculty of written as well as spoken English.

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